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Payment for services is expected at the time of service.

We accept check and cash payments. Checks are to be made out to TL Cleaning. Most clients leave payment on the kitchen counter or set up “Online Bill Pay” for their convenience. In the event that we arrive at your home and there is no payment, we will contact you to make arrangements that day. If payment is not received within ten days, we will assess a 10% late fee.

Lock-Out Policy

Most clients give us a key to their home or the combination to their garage door for easy access. In the event that we are locked out of your home on a scheduled cleaning day, we will charge 50% of the cleaning fee for the lost appointment.

Inclement Weather

If there is a storm in progress on your scheduled cleaning day - ice, snow, thunderstorms, etc. - it will be a judgment call made by the management as to whether or not the staff will be going out.  We ask that you keep driveways and walkways shoveled and sanded/salted.


If you need to reschedule your regular cleaning to another day of the week you will not be charged a cancellation fee since we are still servicing your home that week. Please let us know as soon as possible so we can change our schedule and alert staff.


Please give us 24 hours notice if you need to cancel a cleaning visit. We reserve the right to charge 50% of your cleaning fee if we receive less than 24 hour notice. We strive to be flexible with appointments and understand unforeseen circumstances, but frequent and last minute cancellations are a financial strain on our company and staff. If you need a more flexible schedule, we can provide service on an “as needed” basis.

Cleaning Times

We clean homes Monday thru Friday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.  Due to our flexible and ever changing schedule; it is difficult to commit to an exact time of arrival. Even if you normally have an afternoon cleaning, there may be times that we need to clean your home in the morning instead. We will make every effort to accommodate your needs.


Our main purpose is to clean your home, and we need to be able to access different areas within the house. We ask that things like toys, clothing, wet towels, papers, piles of dirty dishes, etc. are picked up prior to our arrival. If you ever want to add any extra services to your cleaning please call ahead so we can notify the staff of the extra fee and time needed.

For the health and safety of our staff, we do not pick up pet messes or clean litter boxes.

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